Friday, February 12, 2010

Frozen Hog Race Report 2010

Last Saturday I drove down to Alpine for the Frozen Hog Race.  My calves got completely shredded.  A full week after the event and I am still sore.  I keep having to explain to the guys at work why I am walking with a limp. 
It started out with Josh explaining the LeMans style start, he even mentioned that if you didn't want to run you could just go to the staging area and wait for a signal to go after most of the field had passed.  In hind sight that is really funny, after the LeMans start we grabbed our bikes and started running, and running and running. 

This was the highlight of the race, fifty feet in Chris Fox tempting us with a hand full of ones, (is it worth a dollar to loose a position?)  I should have grabbed a buck.
You can see me behind Chris running.... and look Stuart Goodwin can run too
The course was a 4 mile loop, to the right of the stars is the singletrack where you gain all of the elevation.  NONE OF IT WAS RIDEABLE.  40 degree temperatures turned the snow into slush, there was absolutely no chance of riding this section.  1/3 of a mile into the race I told myself I was going to do one lap and drop out.  After two miles of suffering we hit the top of the course and mounted our bikes for the downhill.  It was squirly but ridable and my riding legs were fresh so I jumped and tried to make the most of the section of the course that you could actually ride. 

As I finished the first loop I saw a familiar face standing on the side of the road spectating, Stuart Talley. By this time I was back to running with my bike and could tell that he didn't recognize me.  I ran off course directly at him and gave him a sucker punch to the gut.  I don't know why it just felt right.  Anyone that knows Stuart I am sure will understand.  Stuart and I have a bit of a history. 

The first time I met Stuart was in Moab through mutual friends.  We were going out to ride Flat Pass and on the way to the trail head Stuart informed us of exactly how fast he was, to paraphrase it went something like this, "You may beat me up the hills but I got this here new full suspension bike and I will kill you on the down hills."  He was right about the uphill part, and all I have to say is that right before I knocked my front teeth out on a rock I was in front of him on the downhill as well.  Seeing Stuart sealed the deal, there was absolutely no way I could drop with him standing there.  I kept running. 

Don't get me wrong I really like Stuart he is what I like to call a very likeable Ass Hole.  Many a good time have been had with Stuart around and since he introduced me to my wife I guess he can't be all that bad.  His son Noah had a stellar race and finished first in his class. 

I finished 4th out of 5 against a group of really fast guys.  I am happy with the finish.  

Expert Men 30-39

1 501 0:57:55 Greg “Chucky” Gibson

2 529 1:00:06 Steve Wasmund

3 520 1:03:47 Cameron Smart

4 566 1:04:19 Ryan Thompson

5 574 1:32:58 Aaron Moulton

I have to say Josh McCarrel did a great job of organizing and promoting the race everything ran very smoothly.  Mother Nature just had other plans for us on that day.

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  1. "...a very likeable Asshole"
    May that be truly said of us, and all of us!
    (But mostly me)
    Good job on fourth, I've never been so glad to not be riding.
    And thanks for the kind words, Good to know some people understand what that race is about.