Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rubbin's Racin' The Night We Almost Killed Jordan

I have a video to share but before you watch I have to introduce it with this background story.

A little while back Lane had a cracked wheel on his bigwheel so he pulled out a roll of duct tape and made a few wraps around the wheel to reinforce it so he could ride.  That night Lane went from a mid pack rider to a podium finisher.  The duct tape added just enough extra grip in the corners which allowed him to carry more speed.  My bigwheel was faster in the straights and I remember getting out front then every corner Lane would come blowing by me on the inside as I struggled to keep from being flung to the outside and off the road.  I would pass on every straight and then get passed at every corner, it was frustrating.  I thought I was just having an off night and that Lane was just picking better lines and doing a better job at setting up the corner. 

Lane's conscience got the best of him and the next week he spilled the beans on his new found speed secret.  It takes a lot of skill and finesse to navigate the switchbacks of Squaw Peak at high speed on plastic wheels.  When my brother told me they were all going to tape their wheels the purist in me was a little offended.  I told them that they should just go straight to rubber wheels if they were going to do anything at all.  The next week everyone but me in the core group had taped their wheels.  I was still holding out.  As an added bonus Randy and his race car buddies showed up that night.  Nobody said a word about the tape to the race car guys.  It had been a while since these guys showed up and our group was looking forward to being able to dominate. 

I got spit out the back almost immediately, there is just no way I was able to keep up, Jordan who has always been the fastest in the race car group was the only one not cheating that was able to keep up but barely.  While everyone else was relying on  the grip of the tape to keep them on the road Jordan was dropping his rear wheel off of the inside edge of the road and hooking the edge like a rail to keep from sliding to the outside.  This method works great on right hand corners but it's not such a good idea for obvious reasons on lefts.  Jordan's frustration level was growing.  How was it that everyone else was suddenly so much faster? 

After getting beat the first two runs Jordan pulled out all the stops for run number three.  This is a long video so if you want to see the good part skip to 6:50.
I had no idea what happened until I got to the bottom when they told me that Jordan tagged a car.  I asked if anyone stopped and the response was. "No... We were racin'".

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