Monday, November 22, 2010

Trek MOD ified Big Drift Bigwheel

Back in September I reported the progress on the search for a new bigwheel supplier.  The Big Drifts looked awesome but I knew the rear wheels were going to be a problem and so did the manufacturer below is their response after I reported the results of my test run that melted the wheels off.

Our legal adviser advised us to tell you that our Big Drifts as is shouldn't be used in such a high speed (30 or even 40 mph) as you said.
As you already know, our structure (particularly the rear wheel) is not made for such a high speed and abuse.
Attached please find our "Assembly Instructions", which includes "Warning", which specifies that the maximum speed is 20 km (12.5 mph).
If you go over our maximum speed, please retrofit or re-enforce it enough to endure that kind of high speed and abuse at your own risk.
We're telling you this for your own saftey.
Thank you for your understanding of our concern.

What is the point of living if you can't exceed the 12.5 MPH speed limit! 
Randy had new axles made for the Big Drift that will fit the Trek MOD wheels and now (at my own risk) I am updating the maximum rated speed to brown-out minus .5 MPH.  As long as you can control your sphincter feel free to go as fast as you like, you have my permission. 

I have a limited quantity available in Red, Orange and Yellow they are $350 (Modified axle and Trek wheels included) and I will ship free to the lower 48.  If you want one for the kids to tool around in the neighborhood $250 will get you one in the stock configuration (the wheels will only melt off if they go really really fast) 
Be a Hero this Christmas
Give me a call if you want me to send one out 


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Are you associated with Mad Dog Cycles at all? I'm looking for manufacturers of the above big wheels for import into New Zealand. I've emailed mad dog cycles already so didn't want to repeat the request if you are part of that company.
    If you could help at all I'd really appreciate it. My email: benmoulam at hotmail dot co dot uk


  2. I am trying damn hard to locate one of these for my handicapped Husband and can't seem to find any. Do you have a link to where I can buy? He was injured in a motorcycle accident that left him partially paralyzed. He has mentioned his glory days and this was part of it. Any help would be appreciated!!! We are going to have local doctors and machinists retro-fit this so he can use!!! Thanks again Ryan!!!

  3. Hi there. I was curious whether I could just buy the rear axle and wheels through you? I have this same big wheel and have been looking for more durable rear wheels. Would really like to make a drift rear end. Have any ideas on that? Thanks!