Thursday, September 2, 2010

For Your Own Safety

I have been working with a new supplier of Bigwheels and I must say that they are very promising.  I ordered four of them in to see how they would work out.  On the fourth run down Squaw Peak the rear wheels melted off of the axles and fell off. 
I reported my findings back to the manufacture and got the following response back. 

Hi, Ryan:

Our legal adviser advised us to tell you that our Big Drifts as is shouldn't be used in such a high speed (30 or even 40 mph) as you said.

As you already know, our structure (particularly the rear wheel) is not made for such a high speed and abuse.

Attached please find our "Assembly Instructions", which includes "Warning", which specifies that the maximum speed is 20 km (12.5 mph).

If you go over our maximum speed, please retrofit or reenforce it enough to endure that kind of high speed and abuse at your own risk.

We're telling you this for your own safty.

Thank you for your understanding of our concern.

The good news is that they if we can get through the language barrier they are pretty good to work with and are actually going to work on making rear wheels with bearings to solve the whole melting the wheels off of the axle thing.  With bearings in the rear wheels these things are going to kick the Trek Mod's trash.  I have a work around for the time being to retrofit the mod wheels on it. 
Three left $250 any takers?

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  1. Your old Rabbit has seen many changes. I bought the car from the guy that got it from you. The head gasket blow right after I got it. So me and a few Utah VW people rebuilt the engine. Had the head machined, replaced everything. The car was in very bad shape. I'll post a link to some pictures so you can see the car now.