Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diamond Fork Hot Pots

Every year Kenny organizes a New Years ride to get out have a little fun and raise a bit of money for his Livestrong page. This year’s destination was the Diamond Fork Hot Pots. If you have never been there you need to go. Due to the heavy foot traffic it is more or less ride-able year round.

In the winter the Hot Pots are incredibly inviting, they are located approx six miles from where the road is closed up Diamond Fork Canyon. Trail conditions were fair for Kenny’s ride recent snow and cold weather made for semi-consolidated snow conditions on the well traveled road and trail. It was all ride-able just with considerable concentration and effort. The reward for this effort was Mother Nature’s hot tub complete with temperature control unit (old dirty pair of underwear that you could either plug or unplug a hole allowing cold water to mix in). It really was the perfect destination location for a winter time ride.

From the pictures the trail looks totally un-ride-able which is the best part of riding in the snow, I just love cleaning sections of trail that at first blush look impossible.

And my favorite picture of the day... me walking in the background with my gut hanging out.  You can also see this picture where thousands of others have seen it at  Thanks Elden.

Photo credit: Naked Dude

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