Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Moab Fiscal Year 2010 in Fruita Colorado

Photo credit Fatty
The only other time I have ever ridden in Fruita was for the beginning of the Kokopelli Trail about 15 years ago.  As it turns out Fruita has some of the best trails I have ever ridden.  Combine that with the company of the Utah County and Suncrest boys as well as your own personal local tour guide, Rocky, and you have a combination for the perfect weekend.
I meet a bunch of really cool guys and got to hang with some great old friends.  Lots of scrapes, bumps, bruises and sore muscles but no trips to the hospital. Elden had his helmet cam on for most of the rides so when he gets a chance to edit and post the footage you will be able to see what the trails in Fruita are like, stay tuned.
The weekend was a huge success.  Thanks to all who had a hand in planning it.  It really was the perfect weekend.  And no this rock was not as crazy as it looks. 

Photo credit southcountyciclista


  1. Way to nail that rock drop--it was a sweet move. Make sure and come out to ride with us more often.

  2. You are still the most talented person on a bike I personally know. I’m so glad you came this year. It was fun to watch your magic. And, yes, that rock is as crazy as it looks!

  3. That photo just scares me to death. Did you really go off that cliff on purpose? Wow.

  4. You have some serious bike handling skills. It was fun to meet and ride with you this weekend.